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Poland Work Permit

Poland is a member of the European Union and is also a part of the Schengen Area. Whether you are looking to relocate or willing to acquire a work permit for immigration to Poland from UAE or other Middle-East countries. Paragon Migration is always here to help you out. Poland immigration is rapidly becoming popular among various skilled professionals & semi-skilled individuals.

Work Permit

Foreign workers are required to have the proper visas and work permits in Poland, as established by immigration laws. Work permits must be secured for employees, and sponsored by a locally licensed and incorporated entity, which can be a problem for companies just entering the Polish market. Poland is known for typically being quite inflexible with its visa arrangements for foreigners, and visas will only be granted if no suitable Polish candidate can be sourced for a position.

Because Poland is a member of the European Union (EU), citizens of other EU member states do not need a permit to work there. Most other individuals will need a visa to stay in the country as well as a permit to work.

There are several types of visas available for non-EU citizens seeking entry into Poland for employment purposes, including:

  • Work Permit (Type A): This permit is required for foreign individuals who work for a Polish employer.

  • Work Permit (Type C or E): This permit is available for those sent to work in Poland through an intracompany transfer.

  • Business visa (Schengen Visa C or D)

  • Freelance/Entrepreneur visa

 Each type of work permit has its own requirements. Remember that employees will need both a valid visa or residence permit and a work permit. Paragon Migration Consultants are always ready and available to help you with your visa concerns or to answer your inquiries about immigration. We always aim to deliver high-quality services and competitive costs to meet the visa and immigration requirements of various individual clients.

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