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Work Permit

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Work Permit

Individuals who are neither Canadian Permanent Residents, nor Canadian Citizens, and who desire to temporarily reside in Canada for employment purposes will likely have to apply for a Work Visa.

Every year over 130,000 foreign workers come to Canada to work. A Work Visa has not issued for a person who wants to come to Canada to look for work. It is only issued once an offer of employment has been made. Many of these workers fill skill shortage in many Canadian companies, while others work as live-in caregivers.

It should be noted that a Work Visa is not an employment contract. It is strictly for the purposes of allowing a foreign national to work in Canada to fill a labor shortage and to support economic growth in Canada.
There are divergent or provisions by which a foreign worker can seek a Work Visa in Canada. However, these usually fall within one of several general classifications

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Applying for a Work Permit

Worker permit applicants must meet a number of requirements. Applying for a work permit is usually done outside of Canada. But in some cases, workers can apply upon entering the country, or within Canada.

Limited circumstances in which work in Canada is permitted without a Visa. When the application is approved, the work permit is issued. Work Visa is always temporary.

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