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Australia Skilled Immigration

Australia Skilled Immigration

Australian Skilled Migration is for skilled workers & Professionals. It’s a demand driven points based immigration system. You can apply for the visa if your occupation is on Australia’s occupation demand lists

Skilled Independent Visa

This is a permanent Immigration Visa with indefinite stay. This visa is for Skilled Workers with certain work experience in one of the occupations on Australia’s Skilled Occupation demand called MLTSSL for this visa.

Skilled Nominated Visa

This is a permanent immigration visa, with indefinite stay. For this visa your occupation has to be in demand in one of Australian States & you should meet state government eligibility criteria. You will be nominated by Australian State Government & required to live in your nominating state for initial two years of stay in Australia.

Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa

This visa allows you and your family members to live and work in a specified state/territory/region of Australia for four years without any restrictions on type of work or number of hours you can work.  

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