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Poland Business Visa

Poland Business Visa

A Schengen visa is required to visit Poland for business purposes. To apply for a Schengen visa, the following information is required:

  • 2 copies of the completed application form

  • Valid passport

  • Copy of itinerary including confirmed reservation and airline ticket

  • Proof that the individual has sufficient means to support themselves financially throughout their stay, such as bank statements, proof of income or sponsorship declaration from friends or relatives in a Schengen country.

  • Letter from your employer offering employment in Polan

  • Proof of health insurance.

The type of visa required is dependant on the length of the stay – C visas are suited for stays under 90 days whereas D visas are for stays exceeding 90 days. It is sometimes possible to convert from a business to employment visa.

Paragon Migration Certified Consultants with vast experience in the field of immigration and visa consultancy, can enable you to secure the Business visa.

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